DevOps Engineer

  • Paysafe
  • Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Jul 28, 2017
Full time Information Technology

Job Description

We are looking for a first class Dev Ops Engineer to join the team. The Dev Ops Engineer will focus less on
core virtual services build but more about the packaging and CI. They must have excellent analysis and
problem solving skills and be able to work in a disciplined and structured manner.

•Develop and maintain idempotent development/team environments
•Collaborate and champion consistencies with the operations teams.
•Develop/maintain optimized deployment scripts
•Contribute to application design and OS configuration in order to deploy best in class products.
•Develop and maintain application and system monitors. ( sophisticated )
•Build deployment packages
•Participate in an agile environment being an active member of the team bridging the gap between develop and
operations engineering worlds.

Skills Required:
•Experience required in a dev ops / infrastructure deployment role, operating within an Agile scrum team made
up of multiple suppliers
•Required to work within cloud based development and test environments utilising automated environment build
techniques and enabling software artefacts to be part of a Continuous Integration framework
•Creation of environment configuration meta data from logical environment designs and physical models
•Experienced across a number of projects using build automation tooling (Puppet / Chef / Ansible - project uses
Puppet Enterprise) to manage the software configuration of a large number of hosts across a no. of different
•Strong programming/scripting/automation skills in one programming language (Ruby / Bash / Java)
•Experience of using continuous integration & config management (Jenkins / Maven / Mecurial & Git)
•Strong understanding/practical hands-on (system administration) knowledge of Linux operating systems -
project uses CentOS, RHEL and Ubuntu
•Experience of packaging software artefacts in one of the Linux package formats (e.g. APT / RPM)
•Good verbal and written communication skills

Desirable Skills:
•Knowledge in the principles of:
Continuous integration, continuous deployment, continuous deployment
•Origins of CI
•Application Lifecycle Management
•Build management
•Change management
•Version control
•Automated testing
•Infrastructure as code
•Puppet (plus alternatives)
•Cloud based infrastructures (IAAS, PAAS)