Product Manager - Integrated Payments

  • Paysafe
  • Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Jul 28, 2017
Full time SCRUM

Job Description

Paysafe offers a full range of payment services. From issuance to acquisition of cards, from payment gateways to merchant accounts, from fraud and risk management to compliance and from digital and mobile portfolios to billing, we process millions of transactions Around the world, while placing great importance on our relationships at all stages of the process.

Paysafe is an international company with a dynamic environment and is active in several countries including the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Austria, India, Canada and the United States.


The Paysafe group is looking for an experienced product manager who will take care of our integrated payment solutions. The candidate will adhere to the vision developed for this range of products and will manage the introduction of improvements that will be made throughout the company. Paysafe offers integrated payments to its partners in e-commerce or software-services platforms.


Integrated payments rely on the existing functionality of our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to provide meaningful proposals to new areas. As the primary product manager, you will be responsible for the proposal from start to finish, including integration of merchants, payment processing and settlement activities, enabling Paysafe to become a In this area. 


In order to understand the needs of our partners and merchants and how we can offer them the best service possible, you will be called upon to work not only with them, but also with sales, account management and Support for integration. You will understand the needs of the market players in e-commerce and software platforms, and will work closely with them to provide appropriate solutions.


You will execute our plan and ensure that our proposal is well adapted to several regions (Europe, United States, Canada and Australia) and sectors.


Main objectives

  • Work with the Product Manager to define the Paysafe Group's integrated payments strategy and establish priorities to determine how this strategy will be implemented.
  • Manage product lifecycle: vision, definition, requirements, development (where necessary), market launch and ongoing support.
  • Work closely with product managers to develop new features. Manage continuous improvements and ensure that we always stand out from our competitors.
  • In order to ensure smooth merchant integration, support improvements in this area, including business process automation, KYC / KYB information automation and user experience.
  • Communicate business requirements to our technology teams and write articles to users when necessary.
  • Monitor and analyze market trends, competition and industry best practices.
  • Work with our Legal and Regulatory Affairs teams to understand and clearly explain how regulatory changes (eg, DSP2) impact our proposal and how they are transforming our approach to marketing.
  • Work with other teams, particularly those in marketing, sales and technical writing, to clearly articulate our proposal to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Work closely with the product marketing team to ensure that the proposal remains consistent and tailored to the needs of the sectors in which we work.



  • Experience as a product manager who worked directly with a software design team responsible for product development, functionality and experience in a Scrum / Agile environment.
  • 5 to 7 years experience in the field and contribution to many software projects, from the beginning to the end of the development cycle.
  • Understanding of the recycled solutions and inter-partner business models (B2B2B) and experience in their development, particularly in the commercialization of API applications.
  • Understanding the domain of payment platforms; Experience ideally acquired from a payment service provider, acquiring bank or similar entity, and knowledge of the risk management and compliance processes for merchant integration.
  • Ease and experience in delivering an agile environment as a product manager.   
  • Remarkable past track record: Successful projects have always been successful (ie, clients have been satisfied, business objectives have been met, timelines have been met, and very few incidents Or none at all).
  • Good business acumen: ability to determine business objectives, develop and implement business strategies; Ability to make informed business decisions during execution.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and presentations.
  • baccalaureate



  • Experience in the functioning of the regulatory frameworks governing payment processes (eg, method of payment, member service provider)
  • Experience in the functioning of the mechanisms (EFT, ODC, BACS, SEPA) and payment flows between acquirers / payment gateways
  • Mastery in a relevant field


Paysafe delivers a full suite of payments solutions. From card issuing to acquiring; From payment gateways to merchant accounts; From fraud and risk to compliance; From digital wallets and mobile to invoicing - we process millions of transactions worldwide and we value our relationships at every point in the process.


Is a global company with a dynamic environment operating in multiple countries including the UK, Bulgaria, Austria, India, Canada and the US.


Paysafe is looking for a seasoned product manager for our Integrated Payments solutions. You will have the vision for this suite of products and manage the delivery of improvements across the business. Paysafe offers e-commerce marketplaces or SaaS platforms.


Integrated payments leverage our existing API capabilities. As the Senior Product Manager you will have the end-to-end proposal including merchant on-boarding, payment processing and settlement activities positioning Paysafe as a leader in this space.  


The role of the company in the management of sales and marketing. You will understand the needs of e-commerce / SaaS marketplace platforms and work closely and collaboratively to translate their needs into solutions.


You will be able to make a decision on whether or not to make a decision.


Key Objectives

  • Work with Director of Product to define Integrated Payments Strategies for PaySafe Group and create a prioritized backlog for how we deliver on that strategy.
  • Manage the lifecycle of the products from vision, definition, requirements, development, in market launch and ongoing support.
  • Work closely with other Product Owners on new feature development. Manage continual improvements and ensuring that we remain differentiated from our competitors.
  • KYC / KYB automation and UX enhancements to create a seamless on-boarding experience for merchants.
  • Communicate business requirements in our technology teams and write user stories where required.
  • Keep abreast of and analysis of market trends and competition.
  • Work with our legal / regulatory teams to understand and articulate how change regulation (eg PSD2) will affect our proposal and how this alters our approach to market approach.
  • Work cross functionally, particularly with Marketing, Sales, Technical Writing to articulate our proposal to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Work closely with Product Marketing to ensure the proposal remains consistent and relevant to the sectors in which we operate.



  • Experience as a Product Owner in a Scrum / Agile Environment
  • 5-7 years' experience, having contributed to multiple software projects
  • Understanding and experience in building B2B2B business models or white labels, including taking APIs driven proposals to market
  • Understanding of the payment platform, ideally at a PSP, acquiring bank or scheme, ideally including knowledge of risk and compliance for the on-boarding of merchants
  • Product Owner   
  • Proven track-record: past projects were consistently successful (ie met the customer need, met business objectives, delivered on-time with no / few surprises)
  • Sound business judgment: the ability to identify business objectives, develop and implement a business strategy; Capable of making reliable business decisions during execution.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills
  • bachelor degree



  • Experience with the different regulatory frameworks for payment processing (eg Payment Facilitator, Member Service Provider)
  • Experiment of how settlement mechanisms (EFT, ACH, BACS, SEPA) and flows from acquirers / gateways
  • Master's degree in subject subject