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RegPac Are Launching Online RegTech Crash Course

Regulatory Technology (RegTech) is the next big thing according to many. The hype about RegTech goes as far as Deloitte calling it the new FinTech. Even if we don't believe the hype we have to acknowledge the importance of RegTech today. Regulations all around the world are changing quickly and people find it hard to keep up with them. Globally, every ten minutes there is some change in regulation. Some accounts are stating that $321 billion has gone away due to regulatory fines since the Global Financial Crisis. Because of all of this, RegPac's new online RegTech crash course presents a great opportunity for people to get in touch with quickly changing regulatory environment.

RegTech Crash Course

The course will cover the basics of the ecosystem and specific Use Cases to underlying technologies used in RegTech and concrete examples of the solutions that have been already used and implemented by incumbents and the likes. The course will last for a total of 8 hours which will be divided into 6 very well curated modules. The course will be quite engaging and fun with the combination of video content and lectures along with interesting quizzes. At the end of the course, there will be a 60-minute exam. Getting a grade of >80% will enable you to get an official certificate that will prove that you have passed the course.

The course is largely aimed at incumbents that are looking to optimize margins and efficiency and save the compliance costs by adopting innovative RegTech solutions. Also, it will be quite useful for entrepreneurs that are looking to break into the RegTech industry, FinTech's who are looking for a secure and relatively inexpensive way to adhere to their regulatory requirements and last but not least to students simply trying to stand out above their peers by getting useful knowledge on RegTech.

After successfully completing the course, participants will be able to understand how RegTech came about, what it is and why is it useful. They will gain the basic understanding of the main technologies underlying RegTech. They will learn to understand and overcome the challenges of RegTech and also understand Use Cases of Regulatory Technology and how they can be applied to their own businesses. Participants will also understand what the near future of RegTech looks like and where the technology is heading.


Founder and CEO of RegPac Mona Zoet have said that the crash course is “An exciting milestone and next step outside of our (local) Singapore ecosystem into the Global RegTech Ecosystem as a whole. Here at RegPac we have several initiatives currently set up in Singapore, such as industry-specific curated bespoke events, Incubation and acceleration programs and advisory services as well as collaborations in projects throughout Europe and Japan, but providing this course online means that our range is now entirely global, so we are excited to explore markets that we have never reached before.”

Let us hope this course live to its expectations and truly brings RegTech closer to the people!