AQ Metrics offers investment managers a simple, innovative, and effective way to address regulatory risk and compliance, delivering an ultra-fast and high-quality cloud-based platform to save clients time and money. The platform integrates pricing, risk and regulatory solutions into a single offering. AQ Metrics helps its clients stay compliant while eliminating errors, reducing downtime, avoiding risks and minimizing regulatory breaches. The company provides clients with end to end data management solutions, from data preparation through to reporting to comply with existing and future financial services regulations. AQ Metrics delivers turnkey Pre and Post Trade Monitoring, UCITS Rules Monitoring, AIFMD Risk Management and Annex IV Reporting, AML/KYC and UBO monitoring, EMIR Reporting and OPERA Reports. Using AQ Metrics firms can track investor activity, orders, executions and holdings from pre to post trade; receive risk alerts and notification of compliance breaches; and gain access to a dedicated team of industry specialists who assist in the simplification of regulatory risk and compliance.