Runway to RISE Seoul

RISE is Coming to Seoul

RISE will be coming to Seoul for the first time ever!  They have partnered with 500v2 the organizers
of Startup Festival 2017 to bring Runway to RISE Seoul.  Runway to RISE gives an opportunity to
early-stage startups (those that have raised less than $200,000) to pitch at RISE on their
BREAKTHROUGH stage on Day 3.  The winner of the BREAKTROUGH stage will win an Alpha stand at
Web Summit in early November.

Runway to RISE is traveling to 8 cities in Asia to pick the best early-stage startup from each country.
Each startup will represent their country at RISE Hong Kong (July 9-12th 2018).  Those 8 winners will
compete on the BREAKTHROUGH stage.The 8 cities this year will be:

1. Seoul
2. Tokyo
3. Shanghai
4. Beijing
5. Taipei
6. Singapore
7. Bangkok
8. Hong Kong

Who will represent Korea at RISE Hong Kong?  Applications to compete at Runway to RISE Seoul will
be starting soon.  RISE and 500v2 will choose 8 Korean startups to pitch at Google Campus Seoul

The winning Korean Startup will get:

  • 3 free tickets to RISE
  • 1-day exhibition stand
  • Request investor meetings
  • Access mentors and investor database
  • Access to exhibition floor on all 3 days
  • Access to workshops, pub crawls and all talks.
  • Pitch on the BREAKTHROUGH stage.

For more information, visit the event website.

Event Overview

Event Date: June 14, 2018

Venue & Location: Google Campus Seoul

 >>> Tickets coming soon!