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Sold so far:
Soft Cap 1000000 FINC
Hard Cap 12000000 FINC
663 459 FINC
This represents the total amount of FINC sold until April 6th, 2018.
Regular price of 1 FINC: 1 EUR (€).
"Staffing financial technology professionals today does not require blockchain technology. However, the token created ecosystem with FintechFans allows employers and job seekers to directly interact with each other using smart contracts and other blockchain related technology."

Meet FintechFans

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Who are we today?

FintechFans owns  the World's largest Financial Technologies Job Board. We currently have around 4000 FinTech jobs available on our platform.

What are the potentials of the market we are focusing on?

The Financial Technology Industry is a rapidly growing market. In 2017, FinTech companies raised around 20 Billion US Dollars in investment money.

The FinTech market consists of approximately 5000 active companies of which 50 are unicorns. Unicorn-companies have a valuation of more than a billion dollar.

What problem do we aim to solve?

Because of the rapidly growing FinTech market, the demand for qualified staff is increasing exponentially. FintechFans has been founded to address this market.

In essence, FintechFans is a facilitator that makes it easier for FinTech specialists to find jobs and personnel.

How do we see the future?

Our current Job Board is a centralized platform. But to expand our services we are planning to launch a blockchain-based decentralized staffing platform at the end of 2018!

This Blockchain-based Staffing Platform will help facilitate a more convenient interaction between FinTech Professionals and FinTech Companies by:

  • Cutting out the middlemen (the recruiters)
  • Offering a Decentralized Review System (leading to honest and unbiased insights)
  • Enabling peer-to-peer payment with the best tools to solve disputes efficiently and honestly

Read more about our future product.

  • What is FintechFans?
  • Fintechfans is a company that provides a Job Board featuring more than 4000 job openings posted by over 500 companies. We are building a decentralized platform platform for freelancers and companies.
  • What is the FintechCoin?
  • The FintechCoin enables the Fintech community to seek & offer jobs on the decentralized job platform as well as reviewing former partners. This will all be achievable at a fraction of the costs of the established job platforms.
  • Can I buy FINC with fiat money?
  • During the Pre-Sale (until March 30, 2018) you can purchase FINC with USD, GPB, EUR, BTC and ETH.

    During the decentralized crowdsale, FINC can only be paid for with ETH.

  • When will the token sale take place?
  • The FintechCoin pre-sale has taken place from November 29, 2017 to March 30, 2018.

    The public token sale will be held from September 1st until September 30th, 2018.

  • How much FintechCoin (FINC) will I get for 1 Ether (ETH)?
  • During the token sale, 1 Ether will be approximately equal to 810 FintechCoin (1 ETH ≈ 810 FINC). The price of FintechCoin during token sale is aligned with the Euro, meaning that 1 EUR can buy 1 FINC as announced in our Whitepaper.
  • What is the goal of this token sale?
  • The goal of this token sale is to gather the funds for the development of a Decentralized Marketplace for Fintech professionals. The FintechFans platform will be turned into a place where Fintech companies can hire talented professionals both long-term and short-term.
  • What is the financial goal of this token sale?
  • The minimum amount FintechFans need to raise during the token sale is 1 million tokens worth of euros, which represents +/- 800.000 EUR taking discounts into consideration. If the amount raised is lower when the token sale is over, the funds will be returned to their owners.

    The maximum amount FintechFans hopes to raise during the token sale is 12 million tokens worth of euros, which represents +/- 10.950.000 EUR taking discounts into consideration.

  • When is the FintechFans platform going to be ready for use?
  • A live version of the platform has already been created. The entirely new decentralized marketplace however, will be released in Q3 2018.
  • How can I participate in the Token sale?
  • The Presale now has ended. The Public Token sale will start on September 1st.

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  • What is your position in the market?
  • We already have an existing centralized Job Board. On this platform we have over 500 companies listed. Besides this the founding company, Qantani, has a lot of FinTech experience as a former Payment Service Provider. Therefore we know what is necessary in for FinTech companies. The Advisory Board also has multiple members with significant knowledge about and connections within the FinTech world.
  • How will you keep us up-to-date after the token sale?
  • In order to give token holders certainty about their investment, the company will maintain a blog to report about the project's progress. Topics treated in the monthly reports:

    • Progress on the technical side
    • Whether FintechFans is on track with the roadmap
    • The token, usage and market value
    • The company: Get to know FintechFans, see the project grow and join the conversation to give feedback.
  • How are the FintechFans' Smart Contracts structured?
  • Why do we use the Ethereum Blockchain for the FintechFans project?
  • How are we going to accomodate new developers?
  • How compatible is the Decentralized Marketplace with the existing Ethereum infrastructure?

FintechFans on tour

The past few months have been very thrilling for the team. And the next few months will probably be even more exciting. We partner with companies and people from all over world. And let's be honest: Nothing beats a face-to-face conversation.

So we decided to promote FintechFans on the road. Our management team will visit a series of events all around the world and take upon the opportunity to speak to partners and interested investors.

FintechWeek New York (USA) 2018-06-31 until 2018-07-02

We'll be present at the 2nd Annual FintechWeek in New York, so please reach out to us!

To meet with us in New Tork: Send us an e-mail.

FintechWeek Sillicon Valley (USA) 2018-07-13 until 2018-07-16

We'll be present at the 2nd Annual FintechWeek in Sillicon Valley, so please reach out to us!

To meet with us in Sillicon Valley: Send us an e-mail.

About the founders

The founding company has built, scaled and sold a Fintech startup in the last 5 years. Qantani was a certified Payment Service Provider (PSP). Our mission was to provide accessible and affordable payment e-commerce solutions for online businesses.

After our exit in the PSP market we invested in various Fintech and blockchain related concepts. One of which is FintechFans.

Our history as certified payment provider renders us very capable when it comes to compliance, regulations and information security.

The team

We have a highly skilled team! Click on one of us to find out more.

Marcel van Oost
Frank Jansema
Rene van Pelt
CMO, Crypto Veteran
Ratko Stamolija
Community Manager, Cryptocurrency Expert
Garry Grant
Sales Lead Hong Kong
Luke Sherwood
Community Manager
Khareem Sudlow
Community Manager
Paul Scholtens
Legal Expert
Wiebe-Marten Wijnja
CTO, DLT Expert

Advisory Board

Click on our pictures and find out more.

Julian Lagus
Legal Expert
Finland Region
Agustin Rubini
FinTech Veteran
London Region
Michel Herder
HR Advisor
The Netherlands Region
Paul Hagens
Payments Professional
The Netherlands Region
Chrisjan Pauw
Cryptocurrency Expert
London Region
Michelle Katics
FinTech Entrepeneur
Singapore Region
Anthony S. Dell
RegTech Evangelist, Lawyer
Boston Region
Stefano Covolan
FinTech Entrepreneur
Singapore Region
Casper Jaspers
Amsterdam Region


The Future Product

The Decentralized Marketplace is for one-off tasks and short-term positions.

The freelancing market is one of the target segments, which is calculated to be greater than 5 billion dollars globally, and in the US it represents 35% of the total workforce. The other key segment is the interim positions market. Contractor numbers in the UK and European Union (EU) have undergone a marked and prolonged period of growth since 2008. The rise, which has occurred in spite of a largely stagnant labour market, acts as proof that attitudes are changing towards work and more people are recognising the benefits of flexible working.

The Marketplace is a completely novel, decentralized application. As it consists, at its core, as a set of Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, interference by any party, including the FintechFans Company itself is impossible.

Payment for performed services can optionally directly happen through the marketplace.

FintechFans' web portal will be an easy way for visitors to browse and view the Marketplace, but a decentralized application (dapp) to browse the portal is also planned.

Power to the stakeholders, not the recruiters

And of course a seamless user experience

The FintechFans decentralized job marketplace

The way the contracters' staffing industry works nowadays is sub-par: Recruiters are an all-powerful man-in-the-middle. They drive up prices, harming quality of work in the end. They have to be very secretive about the professionals in their network to ensure they will be paid for placement, endangering the quality of selection on the company's side.

We envision a world where professionals have a profile that is not the result of centralized assessment and review. Instead, it is a detailed historical overview of all activities within the field of work. Because transactions and performed jobs are logged in a decentralized datastore, participants of the platform can use their own methods and tools for assessment of quality. For example: data can be interpreted in such a way that companies select specialists that meet their requirements of prior work experience. Whereas specialists can select companies that have the reputation of paying 50% upfront.

Full of features, built for the future

And of course fully decentralized

Mobile & Web

Ready for modern users. The platform will be available on mobile and web.

Affordable recruitment

Our token sale based funding will render the platform very affordable for day-one industry players.


While opening up valuable data for employers. Your personal data is perfectly secure.

Flexible Use

Put an image, video, animation, or anything else in the screen!

The Press Loves Us

Click on the logo's to find out what the press is saying about us

The Pre-Sale

The FintechFans Pre-Sale is meant for investors and future customers of the FintechFans dApp. To improve the quality of the ecosystem, we invite early adopters to sit with us at the designtable. In return, we offer discounts on the FINC bought from our own capital. Contact us

  • In the Pre-Sale, you can buy FINC with Euros, USD, GBP, BTC and ETH.

Distribution of funds

The Ether that has been spent during the Decentralized Crowdsale will amount, at minimum, to a value of at least ≈ €800.000,− and at most ≈ €10.950.000,−. Do note that because of the discounts being given during the Pre-Sale and the Public Decentralized Crowdsale, it is possible for the final amount accessible for development to be somewhat less. We prepare for a minimum as low as ≈ €800.000,− which would be enough to build the platform in its most rudimentary form.

Predicted distribution of funds, in percent of the raised amount. Roughly 50% will be spent on Management, and 50% on Development. ⋆: percentage is based on the minimum amount raised in the decentralized crowdsale. When passing the soft cap, the amount of money that will be attributed to management will not increase. Instead, the extra money is then evenly divided over the other section.

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For a reference to our smart contracts you can visit our Github space.

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